To My Future Man

I always wonder if you also think of me just as I do in one of these mundane nights of my life. With the thought of you, my mind is instantly filled with curiosity, anxiety and excitement only this writing could contain.

Perhaps we’re both coming from afar, our paths haven’t crossed just yet.

Or we were about to pass each other, only if you didn’t turn right or I didn’t turn left.

You could have heard my laughter, had you turned down the music you were listening to.

I could have smelled your perfume if a cold hadn’t left me feeling sick and blue.

We would have been seated right next to each other the moment that old, fat man between us left earlier.

Only if our attention was not drawn to something else but the mere presence of just you and me.

But then again, the slightest hope comforted me with a familiar thought – those unfortunate times were just exactly what the universe needed to align our stars, to abridge the gap, to connect the dots.

And once it happens, no warning is needed.

Before we know it, you are staring at me and me, at you.

Before we know it, we are holding each other’s hands neither of us wants to let go of.

Before we know it, we wish there is something else between seconds and minutes while we are talking, laughing and sleeping.

Before we know it, it has already dissipated – the longing we felt the time we hadn’t even met.

Before we know it, dreams can really come true.

Before I know it, I am reading this letter to you.

© Sharmane Amago

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